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What determines the success of an artist.
Secrets of your success and happiness.                             

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It is strange, but success does not depend on the artist's attachment to material things.
When an artist paints a painting, and in his mind only one thought: what I could draw on the canvas to buy my painting? however povygodnee sell this oil painting? It has been proved time and I think everyone was convinced from experience that if you think about how much you get money for their work - no one will buy, and the painting will be gathering dust for years in the background.

Also, more importantly, you will not get the moral and spiritual satisfaction from their work - but it is much sadder.

If you do not go into details and write short, yet another barrier to the success of the artist is attached to fame and recognition.     

 "So I'll write a painting - and I will glorify this masterpiece. I will present excellent reviews of my talent and to compare with the great artists. My paintings become world famous .....". I think many artists would be close to the above thoughts that ran through many times in the head :-)

This list could go on - but still leave it at that and move on to the main question: So what should be an artist to OH was successful.

First of all, you need to paint not what they should write and what they WANT to write.

 The body appears thrill when you approach a blank canvas. And in the process of writing a painting reveals the heart and soul sings. There is a saying: I draw a painting because I can not draw them.

You can easily check whether you are engaged in the business of the soul or for the sake of money.

 Just close your eyes and imagine that you have a $ 20,000,000 (twenty million dollars), you already have a gorgeous house, car, in general, your life is completely undeveloped. Need to go to work no longer exists. You can afford to ALL! ... And now imagine that you would like (having it all: money, house, car) to do the work that you do now or have in his heart there is heavy and unpleasant aftertaste?      Here is the answer.

The most important thing to become a successful artist - you need to make this lesson was just "your", lay in your heart warmed and your soul. It does not matter whether you get a painting of his money or not. What is important is the process of painting, during which you get emotional satisfaction.

Must be discarded pristavuchie thoughts: a like a painting of my people, and not say bad about it and not feel ashamed if I submit it to the audience .... Do not be tied to the results of their labor.

 If you're writing now, not for money, fame and recognition, and created only by the fact that they could not create .....

 If in the process of working on the painting you get genuine pleasure, you have a burning passion and joy shining eyes ... If you are in the process of singing birds in the soul, and you put his painting in all of pure love, believe me, your painting is memorable to others.

It will radiate sincerity, love, enthusiasm - and the only thing that we all need people.
Be creative and create sincere, give the time of his dream and his hobby, and then you will certainly be called emphatically a successful artist!

I'm sorry I almost forgot! Just wanted to finish this article, as he remembered one of the main conditions for success: Your job is to BRING people around HAPPINESS

P.S. If the word "artist" in the text to put your profession, and instead of "painting" your product that you create - and then this article about your success.


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