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Artist Valery Rybakow and gallery of contemporary painting presents new winter landscape. This palette knife painting is one of the new paintings. The artist is not a lot of paintings of the winter landscape. Perhaps, the most recent oil painting and palette knife to the winter theme occurred to him recently. Here is the painting of winter:

Winter landscape - River in winter forest - palette knife painting.


Winter landscape - River in winter forest - palette knife painting - - artist Valery Rybakow

If you compare the winter landscape - painting "River in the winter woods" with a painting that we present today, you can easily see that these two winter landscape similar. Since the artist painted these two paintings about the same time with a pause of a few days.

Ah, winter - winter, how beautiful you are! So much white snow is like a warm cap on trees. And in the depths of the winter landscape, a winter river, you can see the snow and the cold wrapped lush bushes and tall fir fluffy white winter blanket. Winter landscape in the painting evokes good feelings and pleasant mood.

Winter landscape - winter landscape painting with oil and palette knife.

winter Landscape, winter Landscape Painting, image Winter Landscape

Size new winter landscape painting (palette knife painting): 20" x 27" inch. Exclusive rights to the image winter landscape and paintings -

VIDEO: Winter Landscape Painting by Gallery - WINTER on canvas.

Interested in your opinion, emotions and feelings at the sight of this new winter landscape.



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image winter landscape

Winter landscape - palette knife winter landscape painting - - artist Valery Rybakow


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