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Hello again my friends! We met in the gallery of contemporary painting with oil and palette knife www.Rybakow.com Today I will tell you about the exciting new oil painting. Painting painted with palette knife. I hope you enjoy the story of the strange new oil painting. This autumn city landscape oil painting on canvas.

Autumn city landscape painting "Old Castle Bautzen". Palette knife paintings for sale.

Size autumn city landscape painting: 34 x 69 cm or 13.5" x 27" inch. Oil on canvas, palette knife. 2012. Germany, the city of Bautzen.

Autumn city landscape was painted in Germany. More specifically painting painted in beautiful and sunny city. The name of this charming city - Bautzen. City landscape painting is titled "The Old Castle Bautzen".

 I was walking on a high hill. Nature was great! The birds were singing and the sun was shining nicely. I walked to the edge of the hill and saw a very beautiful area. Stands lonely island. Around the island a large trench with water. The island is the old city castle. The walls of the castle are very high. Probably, it is the defensive wall. In different parts of the castle set defensive towers. On the painting you can see one of these defensive towers on the right. Divided his bright sun and warmth of the old city castle. And the painting is clearly seen that the sun caresses the old walls of the castle. The rays of the sun look in the window and have fun sailing on the leaves of trees and shrubs near the old castle walls. And this picture is complemented by a fabulous fast running water that flows from the old castle walls.

This palette knife painting for sale I redid two. For the first time the sun is changing very quickly. And according to the mood of painting changed dramatically. As the sun was hidden behind the clouds - the story of painting became dull and cold. You know what I'm trying to painted a bright, cheerful and positive painting. So joyless and cold story does not suit me. And in a few minutes the sun peeped through the clouds and pleasant changed all of the state of nature. Nature came to life, filled with warm colors, absorb light and positive energy. It was a bright moment of nature and I tried to convey to the canvas with oil paints with a palette knife. The second time I reworked, but rather correcting this autumn painting after an unexpectedly strong gust of wind. When the painting was completely finished - the wind relentlessly pushed her to the ground. And so stuck on painting leaves, small rocks, sand and a small ant. But I was not upset by the wind in the creation of this autumn city landscape painting. After a little adjustment, remove extra stones and leaves - painting complemented even deeper fall color and mood. As if nature itself by wind helped to add this vibrant painting. You can easily BUY OIL PAINTING - just email me!

On the journey, and the paintings, which were painted in Europe, I have previously painted articles on this site. If you want to read these interesting articles - Click on the picture you like art and you'll find a story and a beautiful image of this painting with oil and palette knife.

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Not far from the place where the city was painted autumn painting "The Old Castle Bautzen", I painted a painting of a night city skyline. Here's the painting:

Night modern painting. Walk through the city Bautzen in Germany. Buy Oil paintings.

Night modern painting. Walk through the city Bautzen in Germany. Buy Oil paintings.

I wrote an interesting story about the unusual creation of this painting. In the article I explained why started painted one painting, and gives quite a different painting. And also discovered the secret: who helped me painted this night city painting with palette knife. Just click on the images of paintings and read an interesting story.

Enlarged fragments of autumn city landscape "The Old Castle Bautzen" painted with a palette knife:


You see enlarged fragment of the autumn city landscape painting. Drawn on a piece of painting the old tower. This tower is painted with a palette knife and with a oil. In the image can be seen as a thick layer of oil paint applied to this painting. The following image shows autumn grass on the slope in front of a ditch with running water. See how gentle autumn sun played with the grass.


The following piece of autumn cityscape shows the architecture of the old castle.


Looks like autumn city landscape in interior rooms:


 MORE oil paintings with a palette knife can be seen in ART GALLERY ARTIST or ART-BLOG I want to see you again in the pages of the author's site contemporary paintings www.Rybakow.com

I hope you liked the story about the painting "The Old Castle Bautzen".

Your artist Valery Rybakow



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