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Pornography or fine art?

Hello. A theme of a today's post: «the Pornography or art?». I will lay out on your consideration and removal of a verdict pair of the oil paintings written palette knife and I will ask to think and answer you to myself a question: oil paintings of artist Rybakov are faster a pornography or the fine art pleasing eyes and heating I smother?

My point of view consists in the following: each person has certain education. Each person is individual and unique. Each person is influenced by the surrounding social environment in which he lives. As "education" influences such factor both the social status, and a material prosperity of the family, surrounding people, more many factors influence concept education. For this reason two absolutely identical opinions in the answer to this question not will and be cannot. Because each person puts the life experience, "education" in reply to a question: «the Pornography or art?».

I spread some the oil paintings written palette knife. Full collection EROTIC-ART oil paintings of artist Valery Rybakov is:


For this reason to me very important and interestingly YOURS, dear readers and friends, opinion in the answer to a question: «Oil paintings of artist Rybakov is a pornography or art?».

Artist Valery Rybakov .

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