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By personal invitation MARSZALEK WOJEWODZTWA WARMINSKO-MAZURSIEGO Jacek Protas (Poland), me the decision to take gratuitous part in the project of the Polish party was accepted.


The painting"Evening 172" has been presented by me Warminsko - Mazursko Filharmonia

Yours sincerely, Valery Rybakow.


We are opened for cooperation with the organisations and private persons of the different countries.

If you have a desire and possibilities on representation of creativity of Valery Rybakow in your region, contact us, and we will do the utmost that our cooperation became pleasant and mutually advantageous. CONTACT


May, 2010 - Painting is presented to Warminsko - Mazursko Filharmonia, Poland

May, 2010 - Participation in auction of painting in favour of suffered from act of terrorism on March, 29th in Moscow

April, 2010 - Presentation of painting and creative evening in the Territorial centre of social protection of the population.

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