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Oil Painting. To buy painting now. – painter Valery Rybakow

Painting is in great demand today both among judges, and among simple inhabitants: a still-life flower, a seascape, a portrait-nude body, a cityscape-landscape, abstract art. Paintings can be found oil of known and young artists both in galleries, and on the Internet. Paintings is invaluable but really to feel its beauty, many buy paintings for the house. To buy a painting now it is simple enough - in a press and on the Internet often enough there are announcements of sale painting from collectors or galleries as, however, and announcements «I will buy a painting». But all painting differ. It is possible to buy "the Chinese consumer goods" - callous punching - as I them name. To me these "paintings" should aesthetic, not emotional pleasure.//This my personal opinion//In these "paintings" the soul of the artist is not enclosed, admiration of perfection of Mother Nature is not enclosed.


I do not wish to advertise the paintings and to speak that painting made my hands is unique, written without brushes (with the help palette knife) and for a long time is appreciated all over the world. I think each person himself will solve for myself truthfulness of my words. I wish to tell to you that for very small time painting made my hands and my soul has very solidly increased in the price. And people will not put up money in not clear that.....


By the way, I will run a little forward and I will tell what exactly now, in the big economic crisis it is necessary to buy painting. But it already one of following articles of my ART SITE.

Thanks that read this ART SITE about painting and creation of paintings palette-knife.

Artist Valery Rybakov .

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