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Hello! Today is a new master class oil painting and palette knife by artist Valery Rybakow. During this master class, which consists of three parts, we will paint in oil on canvas nude women. People to write is not easy, especially nudity .
Artist Valery Rybakow not studied academic drawing, body proportions, anatomy. Nevertheless, the artist along with you in this master class painting write a
nude women. This is an interesting master class, because the artist makes it the first time and for himself.
So long we will not write the entry - and go straight to painted a
nude women on the canvas.


For this master class oil painting and palette knife, we need:

- Our desire (this is the most important and critical component )
- A medium-sized brush
- Thinner oil paints ( white spirit , solvent will do)
- A
cloth to remove excess paint
- Our finger ( the most important tool for this master class painting. Finger exactly we will write almost all of the painting "
nude women" )
- Palette knife (in this master class, it will be used infrequently and almost never useful)
- Oil paints ( we will use a minimal amount of oil paint colors )
- Canvas ( it actually we paint our
nude women )

So, to transgress master class oil painting on canvas "Nude women"!
The first thing we need to do - paint the background, which will be in the painting for a
nude women. To do this, we take a small amount of oil paint on a palette and a brush in a dilute solution. We need to cover the entire canvas with highly diluted oil paint. In the video shown as a master class artist Valery Rybakow sometimes puts on canvas from a jar just thinner - thus greatly diluting the consistency of oil paint on canvas.

Council of the master class : See how the artist holds the brush .

Along the way, with the application of the background artist on canvas future looking silhouette of a
nude women - its approximate proportions.
In the video master class painting shows the artist Rybakow constantly looking to the left side. On the left hand it is a computer. On the Internet the artist found a picture of a
nude women and looking at this picture in the monitor, the artist paints a painting.

What you should pay attention when writing phot or the background in the painting:

- On the back burner does not require a lot of oil paint

- The background should not be pronounced and sharp contours and shapes (in other words the background to be blurred )

- After applying oil paint to the background, it should be laid with a palette knife. To do this, take the palette knife, preferably larger and begin to drive flat putting paint on canvas. As a result of our actions with a palette knife all transitions begin to take on color blur, sharpen begins to disappear. And that we just need.

- The basic rule of the background - it should not distract the attention of the viewer. All the viewer's attention to the
painting, we are concentrating on the foreground of the painting - in this master class: focus on the painting - this nude women.

- The last action that we can do with the background painting - is to remove excess paint from the canvas and this will help us a miracle tool: cloth (plain cloth ). Look at this video master class as an artist Rybakow makes this operation.

 Core Tip: Do not press hard on the cloth as you can remove the entire layer of oil paint to a white canvas.

And another tip: look in the video, the artist moves cloth in certain areas - so there is integrity in the background painting.


Confess to you honestly - it is very difficult to describe in words my actions in the master class. Something you can just forget, but something seems a natural artist, but maybe that student this stuff and not enough. As they say better to try once live with who you hold in every detail from a blank canvas and to the finished oil painting on your wall. Coming once all the way, all the technology - then be able to move very quickly on the way of creativity. Very quickly grow as an artist. It is a pity that the artist Valery Rybakow was not my time here such a mentor. And the artist had to reach all the most more than 10 years of trial and error ( more mistakes than progress ). And the time - this is the most valuable thing we have, apart from a bunch of spoiled canvas and oil paint .
If you want to go live master class palette knife oil painting with the artist Valery Rybakow - contact him on this site or any of the social networks:


See this master class: how to oil paint a nude women. If you have any questions about the master class - contact the artist - he will try to help you.
This is the first part of the three master class oil painting, finger, cloth and palette knife on canvas.
I hope that was helpful to you this master class painting: "
how to oil paint a nude women". Just want to believe that the artist knowingly creates master painting classes for you.

Learn how to paint a nude women, nude painting master - PART 2

Learn how to paint a nude women, nude painting master - PART 2


Thank you for your attention.


Artist Valery Rybakow

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Learn how to oil paint a nude women, nude painting master class by Valery Rybakow