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Free art lesson the oil painting night cityscape on www.Rybakow.com (with a palette knife).

Бесплатный урок создания картины ночного городского пейзажа.


Hello! Soon will be a New Year. The new year, to make presents. And our gallery of contemporary painting with oil and a palette knife www.Rybakow.com was no exception!
I, artist Valery Rybakow, I cordially congratulate you on the New Year. And I wish you pure love, perfect health and optimism! And as a gift I give you a free lesson in painting with oil and palette knife.
In this art tutorial or master class painting, I will show you clearly how to paint their own favorite oil painting on canvas with a palette knife.
The master-class art is a photo, which I did every step of the writing of this beautiful painting.
So many will not speak - and immediately begin painting lesson:

In the first photo you can see where to start any painting created. Take any oil paint and much of her divorce in the diluent. If more, then:

1. Take any jar. Pour it thinner. Instead thinner you is fine, any solvent or mineral spirits (although it is very unpleasant smells).
2. The palette squeezed from a tube quite a bit of oil paint. Paint color does not have to be blue, as I have in the photo. Pick any color of oil paint.
3. Take the brush of medium size. You can take any brush, any size - it is not essential.
4. Take a brush and some paint thinner to breed strong and applied to a canvas main outlines of our future painting.

As you see in the first photo above - I applied the basic outlines of the future painting. And yet still difficult to say that this is day or night cityscape. Near the very near to us, and the largest lamp post you can see hints of the shadow of the lamp. So, if all the other lamp posts and trees to drop the same shade - it will be a day city landscape. The sun is high in the sky and from all the earth shall cast a shadow.

Because I love the
Night city landscape - we will go the other way. I'll distract you a bit of a master-class on creating oil painting with a palette knife and I will show you some of their nocturnal city landscape:

Night city landscape:

Landscape palette knife painting, landscapes paintings. Painting: Old A city. Evening 231 , canvas, oil, palette knife. 69х82, 2011

Painting SOLD

Painting hangs in the interior of the buyer from America.

Картина висит в интерьере покупателя из Америки.

Night modern painting. Walk through the city Bautzen in Germany. Buy Oil paintings.

Night modern painting. Walk through the city Bautzen in Germany. Buy Oil paintings.


Knife painting: Old night Paris

knife painting: Old Paris nightlife. Night autumn landscape oil. Painting palette knife. Artist Rybakow.

Now back to our art lessons in painting and look at the second photo.

In this photo above you can already see the hint of a night city skyline. Specifically, you can see our sky has become a night (darker than the walls of houses) on the pavement you can see there is light areas - it is the light of lanterns.
How to do this? We are still taking oil paint and all also dilute it in a diluent. The secret lies in the fact that we held several dark corners of our future night paintings - and thus gradually make them darker.

It is easy to spot - just comparing the top and bottom of the photo. With each pass, we all gradually darken bright areas of the canvas. For the sky was completely dark, the road is very dark. On the walls there were layers of paint that show future shade.

Upper painting shows our final draft. Now, enough blue (its intensity) in the painting is not worth it. Since we have already seen about the future of painting mood, character and accents.

Now it's time to move to the oil paint and a palette knife.

In the photo you can see my work place of the artist. On the table is a palette, embossed on it already different colors of oil paint in the right quantity, working palette knifes and brush.

So get started! Now begins the magic :-)

As you can see there is nothing complicated. We take a palette knife and oil paint carefully we sketch the rectangles and triangles of our future homes.

Important secret: Look at the three houses on the left side of the painting. Compare the closest and farthest house. You see the difference yellow. The closer to us yellow oil paint - so it is the intensity or contrast. Yellow rather already goes in brown, and even dark brown. The further the building is located - the softer it becomes yellow oil paint. To achieve such a light yellow color - just add a little bit of white in the basic yellow.
With trees in the same way: the closer to our tree - so it is the contrast and darker. This effect can be achieved by adding the basic green color a little blue oil paint.

As you can see in the following painting in our future city night landscape and palette knife oil painting already appear sidewalk and roadway.

Important secret: Do not forget about the reflection of the light from the night street lights. Each light provides a bright spot on the wall and on the ground.
And of course the night sky - a very important attribute of night cityscape :-) paint over it with blue paint with red oil paint.

These clever words mean that we take the blue (he's a major in the night sky, and it adds a little red spatula. Then the same spatula on the palette a good mix of these two oil paint until uniform in color, which you can see in our illustration) .

Now that almost all of our painting is covered by the primary colors of oil paint - we can see that there is the mood of night city landscape, his
character and personality. We slowly breathe life into our beautiful night oil painting with a palette knife.

We still have quite a bit: a yellow night houses we spatula added window and the flowers. We have a night street lights have appeared.
I decided to add a night city landscape with green trees on the right side of the painting. Because very soon the New Year :-)
At the last minute intuition told you need to supplement our night cityscape people who go about their business. And now, we have appeared in the background couple in love, for them somewhere on business man in a hurry. Only a mother and daughter slowly comes to the foreground. Purple balloon in the hands of the girl reminds her of a fun, carefree day, which is nearing completion.

Turn came and I shut my free art lesson on creating a night city landscape, or simply a master class - as you prefer.

In the final image after minor improvements you see the final stage of our workshop. Painting titled "
Old street" ready!

I hope my master class will help you and inspire you to work!

In the near future I plan to release detailed video tutorials. In this video lesson I most simple way to tell and show you all the steps to create this oil painting. Together we will create a real painting. You can surprise your friends and family made a beautiful painting of your hands, as well as colorfully decorate your interior.

If you like this new painting - you can easily
BUY OIL PAINTING in the gallery www.Rybakow.com or send a email to me or on

Thank you for your attention! Happiness and love you!

Your artist Valery Rybakow.





If you have any questions or you want to buy this oil painting?

Please click here to send us an email. In your message, please mention the name of this painting, “Old street”, or the Catalog No. 313.






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