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Exhibition of four artists "Game of lines" in the Lida city, Belarus.

Hello admirers and judges of art. Is glad to welcome and casual visitors in gallery of modern painting www.Rybakow.com
Today I with the great pleasure wanted to tell to you about an exhibition of four artists among which there was also your obedient servant, artist Valery Rybakow.

Exhibition of four artists "Game of lines" in the Lida city, Belarus.

Positive impressions and emotions weight! First of all has very much pleased showroom. For the career of the artist I can tell that it is one of the best showrooms in Belarus.
As you see on a photo from below there are last preparations for exhibition opening. Paintings occupy the comfortable residence next two months.

last preparations for exhibition opening

Practically all is ready to opening: all paintings were harmoniously entered in an interior of showroom, tablets with names are pasted to paintings - is ready!
In a photo considerably my easy excitement before exhibition opening "Game of lines".

my easy excitement before exhibition opening "Game of lines"

Before the opening of an exhibition have decided to make a group painting of artists :-)

As you see in a photo there are three artists: Andrey Bogdanov, Valery Rybakow (I in the centre) and Olga Globazh. The fourth artist - Yury Leshik could not be present at opening though very much wanted.
I will tell a little about each artist who was taking part in an exhibition "Game of lines".

Artist Andrey Bogdanov. About this artist and its paintings it is possible to speak much. However I will tell what now to prepare only interview to this artist. Andrey Bogdanov will kindly give possibility to see the most part of its works: a drawing, painting, paintings on boards. In general it is necessary to wait very little and in gallery www.Rybakow.com there will be an interesting reporting on the new artist. Do not pass!

exhibition "Game of lines"

About itself (artist Valery Rybakow) it is not necessary to tell - simply look my painting - she will tell about me as about the artist more.

The following artist who was taking part in an exhibition "Game of lines" - Olga Globazh.
Olga - young, but the artist who has declared already. The talented and judicious person. Negotiations are now carried on for that Olga Globazh has given creative interview to gallery www.Rybakow.com

Fourth "originator" of a group exhibition in the Lida city call Yury Leshik. It is already known to us under article: the Belarus artist Yury Leshik
Who did not see works of artist Yury Leshik - press the reference above and get acquainted with this artist.

So about artists has short told. The turn now has come to open an exhibition "Game of lines".
In a photo aside you see the talented critic, the curator of this exhibition - Tatyana Mihajlovna.
Tatyana with soul and heart has creatively approached to creation of this exhibition. Lasting many days made expositions, the action organization, the invitation of a live orchestra and visitors - all has laid down on shoulders of this talented and professional person. Thanks it huge for the approach to the business!

The opening
word was held by it. Then a word have given to artist Andrey Bogdanov.
Then a word have given to artist Andrey Bogdanov.

In a photo more low the artist tells about the feelings and experiences Olga Globazh.

In a photo the artist tells about the feelings and experiences Olga Globazh

In this photo I, artist Valery Rybakow, share the impressions.

In this photo I, artist Valery Rybakow, share the impressions.

As a sign of admiration I have decided to present to showroom of a city of the Lida one of the paintings: "Quiet Fishing"

the paintings: "Quiet Fishing"

Opening of an exhibition has taken place. Visitors have dispersed on an exposition. The turn of the press and television has come :-)
Opening of an exhibition has taken place

And all this magnificence live classical music accompanied. Should you admit friends. I at this exhibition have heard for the first time classical music in live execution and have been simply amazed! It was easy and pathetic. Music as if penetrated my body the pleasant melody. Sensations were simply inexpressible. I had a purpose - to descend on a concert of live classical music.

 live classical music accompanied

In this photo the artist from the Lida city shares the impressions. Invites to a joint creative open-air.

the artist from the Lida city

And at this time visitors with interest consider an exposition of an exhibition of four artists.

And a finishing chord - photos for memory.

photos for memory

Thanks friends for interest to art. I hope this article to you it was pleasant. We will be glad to see you sew to GALLERY of PAINTINGS or in АRТ BLOG

new article: My palette knife.

Article: My palette knife.

Your artist Valery Rybakow.




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