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New article: Autumn and art

Hello dear fans and lovers of beauty!
Today I would like to ask you: do you like autumn nature? I really like this time of year. All the trees are very beautiful and colorful. Leaves slowly fall to the ground and turns into a nice fluffy carpet. To people in all their glory is Autumn is nature. This sight fascinates me. In his fine art gallery, I often create autumn art.

Autumn nature - knife painting by Rybakow

Many artists depict the nature autumn in their paintings. Consequently many people like this beautiful time of year.

Autumn paintings - Autumn day by Valery Rybakow

I often like to enjoy the autumn park. Lonely autumn streets ...

Art autumn street - Valery Rybakow oil palette knife painting on canvas.

Autumn and art - so sounds to this article. Therefore I would like to share with you my autumn paintings emotions and moods, which I bring to the canvas. Autumn Nature creates positive music in my soul. I love autumn as well as art.

Autumn art

Please enjoy and be happy!

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Your artist
Valery Rybakow.



landscape oil painting Sunny day in Saveyki 247. пейзаж Солнечный день в Савейках 247.


oil painting Early morning 241. картина Раннее утро 241.


landscape oil painting Barn at the family estate Raton Tadeusz in Saveyky 246. пейзаж Гумно в родовом имении Тадеуша Рэйтона в Савейках 246.


oil painting Sea fog 240. пейзаж Морской туман 240.


landscape oil painting Alley in the family estate in Raton Tadeusz Saveyki 245. пейзаж Аллея в родовом имении Тадеуша Рэйтона в Савейках 245.


landscape oil painting Belarusian Nature 244. пейзаж Белорусская природа 244.


landscape oil painting Courtyard in greenery 243. пейзаж Дворик в зелени 243.


landscape oil painting Lone Lantern 242. пейзаж Одинокий фонарь 242.


landscape oil painting Summer forest 239. пейзаж Летний лес 239.


landscape oil painting Road to clouds 238. пейзаж Дорога в небо 238.


landscape oil painting Summer 237. пейзаж Лето 237.







SEASCAPE oil  knife PAINTING Evening on lake 229. МОРСКОЙ ПЕЙЗАЖ картина Вечер на озере 229.


landscape oil painting Road to wood 228. пейзаж Дорога в лесу 228.


ABSTRACT PAINTING Bridge 230. абстрактный пейзаж Мост 230.


landscape painting Dawn in mountains 227. пейзаж Рассвет в горах 227.


landscape oil painting Native evening 231. пейзаж Родной вечер 231.








My Art-News:

New article: Autumn and art

Autumn and art

   Aug, 2011 - My new 14 oil knife paintings

positive paintings

Aug - Sep, 2011 - Plein Air regional professional artists "Krayavidy Berastseyshchyny", dedicated to historical places Lyakhovichi area.


July, 2011 - Knife painting flowers "Flowers 179" transferred to a lifetime exposure to the Museum of Modern Art "Museu de Arte Contemporanea MAC Bahia Brasil", Brazil

    Palette knife painting flowers

June, 2011 - Painting "Way to truth 201" a gift to the museum.

May-June, 2011 - Personal exhibition of artist Valery Rybakow, "The sky is getting closer ...".

Apr, 2011 - Paintings competition "Hramy Berasteyshchyny"

Feb, 2011 - Paintings exhibition "Declaration of love"

May, 2010 - Painting is presented to Warminsko - Mazursko Filharmonia, Poland

May, 2010 - Participation in auction of painting in favour of suffered from act of terrorism on March, 29th in Moscow

April, 2010 - Presentation of painting and creative evening in the Territorial centre of social protection of the population.





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