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AUCTION of ORIGINAL oil painting by artist Rybakow

I'm glad that made its modest contribution in support of victims of terrorist attacks on March 29 at a charity auction of paintings held in Moscow in late April ...

Konstantin: I received a More work - Valery Rybakow.
Impressions from the work alive:
Live, gentle. There is a mood, and the air, and depth. Enjoyed.
We are continuing postauktsionnye sales people come, look alive, and that please take it.
In this case, the picture conveys exactly.

Size 33h37.5sm, oil on canvas, palette knife.

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------

Anaconda: Beru))))

I have reason to be proud - a picture of Valery Rybakov bought my son, due to accumulations of pocket money. He wished to contribute)) said that he had hanged herself in her room.

Thanks to the author for the opportunity!


Valery Rybakov: Thank you and your son. I remember how in childhood and adolescence is very hard to part with pocket money - this is doubly pleased that my painting purchased by your son.

Frankly, I was hard to part with this work ... At a time when I was sad and there was the mood I was looking at this picture and I get positive and confidence in the most light ... Why do so - I Do not Know ...
I hope your son and this picture will bring joy and good mood.

Yours sincerely, Valery Rybakow.

Feedback from Peter: Valery, congratulations to the sale of your work at the auction! First, it is a real charity on your part, and secondly an incentive for creativity, your work was needed, well and still at a public auction with Vladimir Stozharau, Aaron Buhom, Zurab Tsereteli. I am happy for you!


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