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Great emperors ALL-RUSSIA – painter Valery Rybakow

Hello dear friends, buyers and simply good judges of oil painting! I, artist Valery Rybakow, create oil paintings only with the help palette-knife. In today's article I would like to tell to you about series of paintings which have taken away from me weight of emotions, diligence and precious time. This series of paintings is called: «Great emperors ALL-RUSSIA». For today this series consists of 6 oil paintings written at the help only palette-knife.

All paintings are executed in the black-and-white form by two paints. Each painting consists of white and black colour because in the biography of these great tsars and empresses were both light - and the dark moments.
At all I do not know, why each painting, each of these great people played a powerful role in history of Russia, were given to me with the big work?

Before to start creation of the next portrait of the great emperor I attentively re-read articles, the biography, responses of historians about this great person. I wished to understand that more in this person: good or harm, self-confidence or advantage. I aspired to generate the subjective opinion on this person. And so were born one for one unique oil paintings written only with the help palette-knife.

Thanks that read this art blog about modern painting and creation of paintings palette-knife.

Artist Valery Rybakov .

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